Why Should I Choose An International School In Thailand Over A Public School?

International school in Thailand is expensive. It was introduced basically to cater to the needs of expat kids who must have begun school in their parent country and acclimatized to the culture before relocation.

An international school makes use of a foreign curriculum in order not to interrupt or disrupt the learning process of relocated kids.

Because of the price tag of enrolling a kid in an international school in Thailand, some parents might be panicky and searching for an alternate type of education.

First of all, you need to know that the most expensive international school fee doesn’t necessarily mean the best education. There are a few criteria to be checked before concluding on what is best.

However, public school may not be the best option for an expat kid.

International school in Thailand has a small-mid class size which means your child can get all the attention that they need from their teachers.

Thirdly, an international school in Thailand has highly trained teachers who understand what the kids want and can blends children from the different cultural background into a single unit. These kids need to have a sense of belonging in order to thrive.

No matter your choice, there can’t be any shortage because there are more than 160 international schools in Thailand.

If you want a sound education for your child to help him/her be among world movers in the future despite the relocation, a good international school can only prove to be the best option. Public schools are mostly attended by the locals where there is a vast class size and the quality of education might be questionable.

Besides the quality of education, the international school in Thailand is accredited by many international organizations. These organizations ensure that the school lives up to the international safety standards to keep your child safe and put your mind at ease. 

So as an expat, always bear it at the back of your mind that an international school in Thailand is more beneficial to your kid than any public school.

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