About Us

Bucknell primary is an international school offering world class teaching to its learners. Our school highly values and celebrates diversity, fostering individual growth by offering a highly personal and supportive environment.

The objective of Bucknell primary is for every pupil to achieve personal growth as a highly valued member in the global community. Starting from the earliest stage of learning, we set out to inspire, empower and encourage each child to be confident in themselves and live by the core values of our school.

A truly international school with a diversity of cultural backgrounds, Bucknell primary is built on the principles of inclusion and respect for diversity while encouraging self-awareness and self-confidence. 

Through being actively involved in our school community and the country we live in, pupils improve their learning experience and are able to show empathy and compassion to others. This helps in the growth and development of the community.

One-on-one learning motivates our learners to develop independence, confidence and teamwork. Not only is our learning classroom based, but we encourage a lot of experimental learning. When experimental learning is reinforced with classroom lessons, it provides a clearer contextual understanding. 

Our individualized approach to learning enables our teachers to identify and match pupil’s talents and gifts so that they can achieve their best. Bucknell learners are highly encouraged to be more aware of the world around them, develop interpersonal skills and appreciate different cultures and environments.

At Bucknell, we believe that if the student enjoys the learning environment, they will have this positive attribute all through their life. As such, once they are out of school and have an opportunity to learn a new skill, they will enjoy the process and it will not seem like it is a punishment. 

Our alumni are true definition of the success achieved in Bucknell primary.