Questions to Ask Before Joining Bangkok International Schools

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, has several international schools. While there is no harm in having a range of choices to pick from, it makes settling on a particular option challenging.

The Bucknell Primary School advises parents to ask these questions you need to ask before taking their kids to Bangkok international schools.

What Teachings Methods do They Use? 

The approach used in teaching has a significant impact on the future behaviour of students. Although academics are the priority in school, focusing on this aspect exclusively produces people who lack in character. Ideally, the institution you choose should also impart life skills and employ a holistic teaching system. This creates people who are prepared to deal with different situations faced after completing education.

Are Outdoor Activities Available?

Besides quality education, the school you pick should offer outdoor and extracurricular activities. Outdoor activities include fieldwork and residential trips, and they are useful for practising what is taught in class.

On the other hand, extracurricular activities include arts, sports, and music, and so on. These are essential in enhancing teamwork, social skills and improving physical wellbeing. They also help in identifying talented individuals. 

Is Character Development Part of the Curriculum?

Character development is as vital as academic performance. Before settling on a particular Bangkok international school, as if this essential aspect of education is part of the syllabus. This makes sure that your kid is better prepared to deal with any problems after school.

Do They Have Learning Aids and Other Necessary Infrastructure?

Modern education, especially sciences, are massively dependent practical lessons. The right school should have the necessary facilities to make sure that your kids receive the best possible training. These learning aids ensure that students understand these subjects faster and prepare them for advanced education at tertiary institutions.

Do they Have Boarding Facilities?

If you want your child to reside in the school, ask if it offers boarding facilities. This information helps you make accommodation arrangements. 


These are only but a few the basic questions you should ask before taking your child to a Bangkok international school. The most crucial of all is the quality of education. 

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