How to Choose the Right Thai International School for Your Child

Have you recently relocated to Thailand? Like you, thousands of people are choosing to stay in this beautiful country loaded with tropical beaches, restaurants, busy nightlife, and enchanting neighborhoods. But how do you choose the right Thai international school for your child?

Read on to find out!

Choosing a Thai International School for Your Child

Thailand has a wide range of international schools with students from all around the world. There is a mix of independent schools as well as branches of American, Indian, and British international schools. If you’re searching for a Thai international school, here are some factors that you need to consider before admitting your kid:


Thanks to diversity in the region, Thai international schools offer a variety of curriculums including British, American, Japanese, Indian, and French syllabus, etc. When choosing the right school for your child, choose one similar to the one they would have followed back at home.


While Thai international schools are popular for the quality of education they provide, they can be pricey. So, you have to consider the budget especially now that you’re in a foreign country. Focus on the facilities your child needs for development, But if you can afford luxurious schools, by all means, knock yourself out.


Bangkok is a large and busy city. So, if you’re looking for a good school, consider options in the right proximity range to save time and money on a daily commute.

The Tier System

Thai international schools are ranked using a 3-tier system – Tier-1 schools are the elite schools and are pretty expensive. Tier-2 schools also provide great education but are cheaper, and finally, Tier-3 schools generally serve more affluent families than international students.

Size of Classes

No matter how big the school is, always choose one that doesn’t offer a big classroom. Small classrooms ensure that your child will get proper attention from the teachers and administration.


Choosing an excellent Thai international school can be tough, but your efforts to find the right one will be extra beneficial for your kid’s future.

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