Being a Church School

What it means

Every school is distinctive and different in some ways and at St Mary's we value highly the position the school has at the heart of our community, and the very special relationship with our church. Our school mission statement, which has been jointly written by the staff, children and school stakeholders, reflects our Christian faith

"We are a caring, Christian community school helping to create confident, sociable and responsible citizens. We nurture our children to become the best they can be."

Our school offers a close-knit caring family environment in which our children have the opportunity to grow and flourish and our Christian values guide and support us in all we do. We encourage the children to develop a sense of awe and wonder at the world around them. We also help them to develop an understanding and empathy towards the needs and beliefs of others and a consideration of other faiths through our religious education and personal, social and health education and citizenship programmes.

In addition, to celebrating with our community significant Christian festivals, we also explore other faiths and welcome representatives from these faiths into our school.